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My new gardening blog

Posted by Dennis on March 21, 2011

Hello everyone – thanks for checking out my new blog, where I’ll be posting about my garden. I’m growing vegetables for the second year in a row, and I figure this is the best way to share with anyone who’s curious about it.

Obviously, even though it’s technically spring, it’s snowing (slightly) in Boston, so gardening might not be on anyone else’s mind, but in the coming days, I’ll post some before photos of my yard and of the seedlings I’m spouting, and share some more info about my experience last year and about my soil test this year. If that sort of thing interests you, stay tuned. Otherwise, give me a couple of months – when it gets warmer, there will be photos of actual plants in the ground. And everyone likes pictures, right?


One Response to “My new gardening blog”

  1. All right! Can’t wait to see what’s pokin’ up through the ground!

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